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Creating end-to-end online automotive retail propositions

Hedley Aylott, chief executive officer and co-founder, Summit

Drawing on Summit’s extensive experience with automotive retail disruptor Rockar and its partnership with Peugeot to facilitate the launch of its end-to-end online vehicle ecommerce facility, Summit explores how the entire car buying process can now be accommodated online. This session looks at the technology, information and processes required to deliver online retail in a complicated sector with many variables. Aylott will also discuss how dealers can adapt and what the automotive retail landscape may look like in just five years’ time.

New car buying trends in a digitally dominant landscape

Karen Hilton, head of sales opertaions, Carwow

Carwow draws on its wealth of data to provide fascinating insights into consumer new car buying behaviour including the changing face of customer loyalty against a backdrop of uncertainty as the UK begins to pave its way out of the EU. This session will also explore the effect of political turmoil on consumer confidence – which event had the most impact on people’s willingness to purchase a new car, Brexit ot Trump? Miele will also look at other influences on the new car market such as the 1 April VED changes.

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The digital marketing landscpae - a dealer group's perpective

Alex Brown, head of digital,Jardine Motors Group

Dealers are operating in a challenging marketplace where disruptors have staked their claim and customers are researching and buying cars in new ways. Embracing disruption and evolving to align practices to meet the demands of digitally sophisticated consumers is essential and this session explores how the digital marketing strategy can incorporate aggregators, classified websites and multiple social platforms to deliver a cohesive end-toendcustomer purchase journey.

Adapting to an evolving marketplace to remain on the road to success

Nick King, insight director, Auto Trader

Nick King, Auto Trader’s Insight Director, will be taking to the stage to share his thoughts on how success in 2017 and beyond depends on dealers’ ability to adapt in today’s evolving marketplace. Drawing in key learnings from the wider retail sector and other consumer facing sectors, Nick will discuss how taking a series of both small steps and giant leaps can make all the difference to your business; to help you stand out from the crowd and meet the changing expectations of the modern consumer. He’ll explore how adopting a blend of dealer experience and data management can help you create the all-important trust with your customer by building a seamless experience between your online forecourt and your physical one.
As well as sharing his own insight, Nick will be revealing the findings of brand new research, which explores the processes, the mind set and steps taken by the industry’s most successful dealers. He’ll discuss how the best-of-the-best are embracing the opportunities presented by the new evolving digital landscape, creating a virtuous circle of adaption that puts their customers and colleagues at the very heart of their business. He’ll also look at how using the right tools can drive greater efficiency in your business; increasing stock turn at margins that deliver a better profit outcome.

Interactive Masterclasses
Interactive Masterclasses
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The implications for franchised dealers of self-driving cars provided through a mobility service model

John Leech Partner, Head of Automotive Sector for KPMG in the UK.

The UK is especially suited to the future development of self-driving cars and mobility as a service and in this presentation Leech will explain why and the potential impact on the marketplace. He will consider a possible future scenario for new car sales and explore implications for the franchised retail model, used car sales and aftersales arising from self-driving and mobility as a service as developments take place.

The Great Data Debate

Data – whether it’s the dealer’s database or Big Data,is the driving force of the business but newregulations and new technology is creating a fast
changing landscape. Our panel of industry experts explores the new GDPR rules covering data capture and customer communications, what they mean and
how to prepare and the wider data field including vehicle connectivity exploring who owns the data, who manages the information provided by cars and
how it will impact aftersales.

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