AM DigiTech 2017

Thursday 27th April - Ricoh Arena, Coventry

With a number of years hosting both the highly successful Digital Marketing and Digital Dealer conferences, the differences between the two have become increasingly blurred as digital and technology permeates every aspect of automotive retailing both online and in-store. As such, we have combined the two under the new ‘AM DigiTech’ name.

AM DigiTech will live up to its title encompassing the latest digital and technology trends which impact today’s dealer and the retail process.

Topic areas will tackle the many technological and digital challenges facing today’s dealers as well as considering what’s on the horizon so retailers can best prepare for an increasingly tech future as well as meet the needs of the digitally sophisticated consumer.

Exceptional digital marketing campaigns and tailored customer communications need to sit alongside the latest technology which enables dealers to deliver a cohesive and high quality service to customers.

Dealers need to be confident they can deliver on all fronts and create an integrated experience which smoothly connects the customer with the business and as the connected vehicle becomes a reality, the car itself.

The conference will incorporate sponsored masterclasses which will allow delegates to explore specific topics in more detail. Drawing on the expertise of some of the leading suppliers in the sector, these specialist seminars will provide attendees with specific insights as well as tips which can be implemented on return to their businesses.